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Providing business & Corporate Solutions...

» Investment Management

    Businesses and corporations are constantly seeking ways to maximize cash flow, optimize operations and
    further utilize their excess liquid assets. Broadhurst can assist your corporation with its investment needs
    through our extensive investment solutions.

» Off-shore and On-shore capabilities
    We can assist in building an investment strategy that serves and places clients' corporate needs on
    a global platform.

» Customized Investment Strategies and Positioning
    We customize clients' business needs to fit into their investment strategy and meet their

» Business Planning and Development
    In addition to providing advisory services to our corporate clients in finance-related areas, we provide
    a contact point through which our facilitators and partners in the areas of business planning and
    consultation services
can be accessed. This supports our clients in making sound business decisions     pertaining to strategic planning and operations, thus ensuring business continuity and prosperity.

» Banking Solutions
    We will source the capital strength required to support clients' business growthin order to fund day to day
    operations or even overseas expansion. Effective capital sourcing is crucial in helping our clients to     implement their business goals. Other sources of funding and/or financing may come from venture     capitalists or banking and finance institutions.
    Applying for funding is, unfortunately, a complicated process. There are many different factors to consider     when finding and selecting the relevant funding resource(s), followed by the preparation involved in the      application process in view of the financing requirement. Broadhurst acts as a contact hub to access to     both financial institutions and relevant venture capitalists, while assisting clients with the application     process.


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